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I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. Yours sincerely,
MD Peter Strauven, MSc.
M.D. Peter Strauven MSc. | General Practitioner. Master in Preventive Medicine.
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All-round care

Preventive. Regenerative. Holistic.

MD Peter Strauven
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Our Goal: A high quality of life at any age

What we can do for you

All Round Quality Health Care

As your Doctor I believe in a method far removed from the mere classical treatment of symptoms. The medical condition, its prehistory, the human being as a whole: these are my guidelines for the right diagnosis and therapy. I strive to unite the most up-to-date medical knowledge and therapeutic approaches with the achievements of natural healing, a combination that ensures the most adequate and comprehensive treatment for the patient.

Our Emphasis

By means of detailed examinations and conversations we will make sure that we construct a complete picture of your health. On this basis we would then work out an action plan that would address your medical issues.

In my practice I place a considerable emphasis on the holistic treatment of irritable colon, stomach pain, flatulence, irritable stomach and gastritis, among others.

In cases of allergies and food intolerances the only effective approach is a holistic treatment, where the whole human body is being considered in working out the diagnosis and treatment.

Care for the patients and their trust are things truly dear to me. As a family practitioner in Bonn I make home visits at patients’ request and collaborate with a number of specialists who share my philosophy.

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