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I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. Yours sincerely,
MD Peter Strauven, MSc.
M.D. Peter Strauven MSc. | Philosophy
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“The wise men did not treat those who were already ill. They taught those who were not sick. To administer drugs for diseases that have been developed to suppress the chaos that is already under way, is similar to the behavior of people starting with the drilling of a well when they feel thirsty”
Lao Tzu

What this motto means to us:

  • A big focus of my practice, among others, lies in preventive medicine. Thus consequently I have the qualification MSc. Preventive Medicine (Master’s Program 2007-2009). This is currently the only pan-European study program of its kind.
  • Regular training: Modern medicine knowledge must be constantly learned. Practical experience is good. It helps but not on its own.
  • Individual attention is very time consuming, but essential!
  • Quiet atmosphere and set with an appropriate ambience.
  • A constantly updated network of connected peers for every medical discipline.
  • Quality Assurance-QU.NO. We are regularly checked (practice processes, organization, emergency management, more efficient documentation, etc.).

The old “symptom-repair” medicine is past

We recognize Modern medicine and accept the wholeness of man. Modern university medicine and naturopathy are conceptions that coalesce meaningfully and must also be looked at that way.

A good example is the nutritional advice that is given in our practice:

  • Each person is considered individually, holistically, according to his physical condition, genetics, social environment, to advise on life.
  • As the famous physician Dr. FX Mayr once said about the constitution of man. “The diet of the smith destroys the taylor”! Nutrition recommendations must take into consideration the individual.
  • So the right diet for over- or underweight, metabolism disturbed patients (eg liver / bile / intestine / cholesterol) must take into consideration lifestyle, profession, social environment, movement, mood, etc.

Your MD Peter Strauven

I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. For an all-round diagnosis, call us at 0228 63 49 40 and fix an appointment in our clinic in Bonn.