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Working Hours

Mon: 7:00-13:00 + 15:00-19:00
Tue: 7:00-13:00 + 15:00-18:00
Wed: 7:00-13:00
Thur: 7:00-13:00 + 15:00-18:00
Fri: 7:00-14:00
I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. Yours sincerely,
MD Peter Strauven, MSc.
M.D. Peter Strauven MSc. | Our Services
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Our Services

You will find an overview of the whole range of services we offer, ordered according to the points of emphasis. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us!

  • Home visits
  • Treatment of chronically ill patients
  • Referral to specialists

  • All-round health check-up
  • Hormonal tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Lipo-metabolism check-up
  • Stomach and intestines check-up
  • Fitness check-up

  • Intestinal diseases (e.g. Celiac condition, Morbus Crohn, ulcerous Colitis)
  • Modern FX Mayr medicine (MMM)
  • Irritable colon and gastritis approached holistically

  • Food intolerance and allergies
  • Obesity: Dr. Strauven’s concept
  • Fasting and the FX Mayr cure
  • Hay-fever approached holistically
  • Histaminic intolerance
  • Lipo-, Liver-, Gall-metabolism


  • Menopause in women and men
  • Thyroid disorders (e.g. Hashimoto disease)
  • Burn-out, Stress-syndrome
  • Vitamin D (steroid hormone D) insufficiency treatment

  • Sleeping disorders (at the onset of sleep and during deep sleep)
  • Apnea syndrome (treatment of snoring)

Your MD Peter Strauven

I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. For an all-round diagnosis, call us at 0228 63 49 40 and fix an appointment in our clinic in Bonn.