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I am pleased to be your competent partner in an advisory capacity. Yours sincerely,
MD Peter Strauven, MSc.
M.D. Peter Strauven MSc. | MD Peter Strauven MSc.
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MD Peter Strauven MSc.

In my work and my training I have been following the principle of “Medicine of the Future”, the university related and naturopathic medicine. Both views become useful together and must also be considered so as to achieve the best possible diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Medical specialities

Stomach & bowel problems, allergies, intolerances

Reflux, gastritis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, Allergies-, food intolerance, fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, sorbitol, Xylitintolerance, histamine intolerance, Histaminosis, mastocytosis, parasitosis, fungal infections, dysbiosis, hyperacidity, bloating / diarrhea, metabolic diseases etc.

Sleep disorders

Falling asleep, maintaining sleep, burnout with insomnia, restless legs syndrome, hormonal disorders and sleep disorders (particularly menopause, menopause of women adrenopause for men, etc.)

Chronic pain

Back pain, Joint pain , headache: the holistic, biological approach (reflexology, Adler’s points, acid-base balance, interference (teeth, spinal blockages, skull error, TMJ disorder, metabolic disorders).

Preventive Medicine Master of Science (MSc):

Diagnosis and approach and advice on the following topics: physical activity and exercise, diet, acid-base balance, overweight, hormones (burnout, menopausal woman, male menopause, insomnia), Biobalance, stress management, preventive genetic counseling (with certification).


  • Master of Science (MSc) in Preventive Medicine: first university training as European Specialist in Preventive Medicine. www.dgpmed.de (founded in 2011).
  • Specialist for general and nutritional medicine.
  • Doctor for Modern FX Mayr Medicine (MMM): holistic, comprehensive therapeutical approach to gastrointestinal disease: www.fxmayr.com


Curriculum Vitae

1975-1984 Medical studies in Bonn and Regensburg.

1984 Doctorate (‘Doctoral Work”) University of Bonn. Topic: “Heart Transplantation: Status 1984 ‘.

1984 USA Residence: Private Employment Loyola University of Chicago.

1985-1992 Training Specialist – 4 years Urology, 3 years Internal-general medicine: University Hospital Essen, Stadtlohn, Mechernich, Bonn.

1993 Recognition as a Doctor for Nutritional Medicine (www.dge.de)

1996 Specialist Training for headache treatment (www.gsb.de)

1997-1999 Recognition of Holistic Muscle Function Diagnostics Therapy after Goodheart with complementary diploma of the Austrian Medical Association (www.imak.co.at)

2001- Recognition as Dr. FX Mayr Specialist with complementary diploma of the Austrian Medical Association (www.fxmayr.com). Since 2010 Vice-President of the International Society of FX Mayr doctors (www.fxmayr.com)

2006 – Advanced education in Preventive Medicine: German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention, Munich (www.gsaam.de)

2009 – “Master of Science (MSc.) In Preventive Medicine“, Dresden International University (www.di-uni.de – Europe’s first recognized university degree program.

2010 – Resumption of regular seminars for doctors with topics: “Practice Management-The road to success,” the doctor’s office run: trustworthy, communicative “. Medical Theme: chronobiology, metabolism (vitamin D, vitamins, hormones, genetics), gut (intolerances, antihistamines, allergies)

2009 – Organizor (as medical director) of the first prevention day for the city of Bonn “Bonn-Gesund”: www.bonn-gesund.de.

2011 – Founding member of the “German Society for Preventive Medicine”: www.dgpmed.de

Medical Congress Presentations

2012 – April – German doctors’ prevention conference in Munich: www.gsaam.de. Presided over the meeting: “Silent inflammation” with private lecture.

2012 – June: “Burn-out syndrome – Congress in Munich”, “Burn-out in practice: how to treat”

2012 – August: “German Society for Preventive Medicine – Congress in Cologne: www.dgpmed.de:

2012 – September: “Bonn Prevention Day” in Bad Godesberg: www.bonn-gesund.de

2013 – May: German doctors-prevention conference in Munich: “The individual and the gut” microbiome “: such as bacteria, our genes, hormones, our immune system control”

2013 – November: German Society for Preventive Medicine – Congress in Dusseldorf: “The microbiome – a paradigm shift in the intestinal diagnosis and treatment: such as bacteria, fungi, parasites hormones immune system genes that control biorhythm.”

2014 – May: German doctors-prevention Congress GSAA, Munich: “Microbiome Enhancement: fasting, dieting, parasite, chair transplants: real profit for the gut, immune system and hormones?